What's "Enterprise Broadband Management" or "EBM"?

Answer:   Single portal management of customer-owned multi-vendor WAN (wide area network) connections.

Why do IT managers of multi-location enterprise networks keep MPLS over a cheap public VPN if they don't need QoS?  They can't find a single management company that will manage multi-vendor WAN connections (coax, 4G, fiber, DSL, satellite, fixed wireless, etc.) without the invoice padding that comes from a WAN rebiller.

With Bandwave's EBM service, enterprise customers remain the customer of record for all their WAN connections while Bandwave takes over all the daily help desk, management and accounting functions which Bandwave customers monitor through a single Bandwave provided web portal.

To learn more about how your enterprise customers can get single-point management for their multi-vendor low priced WAN connections watch the short video below and then contact Bandwave at 888-396-7182 or


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