Looking For a Lawyer Who Actually Understands Telecom and IT?

There are thousands of excellent lawyers in this country but very few who actually understand telecom and IT. Have you been frustrated by your attorney's lack of understanding of the industry? If so, I can help. I have a nationwide telecommunications and IT law practice. My clients include VARs, agents, master agents, resellers, carriers, system integrators, interconnects and wireless MVNO/MVNEs. In addition to traditional telecom and IT companies, I also represent clients deploying emerging technologies, such as VoIP, internet telephony, hosted PBX and cloud/SAAS/managed services. What that means is that I have to constantly update my knowledge of both legal and technological changes in order to provide my clients with a full and effective range of telecom and IT legal services.

Whether you're a VAR, agent, master agent, MSP, reseller, data center or carrier, my full-service telecommunications and IT law practice can help you achieve your business goals. I have successfully helped clients with many complex issues, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting telecom and IT agreements, including but not limited to customer contracts, agent agreements, carrier contracts and various other types of specialized telecom and IT agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting M&A documents on behalf of agents, VARs and many different types of service providers
  • Obtaining FCC and state PUC/PSC licenses and drafting tariffs for companies entering the telecom carrier or resale market, including agents and VARs making the transition to becoming service providers
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance, including universal service, annual regulatory fees, CALEA, CPNI and access charge issues
  • Counseling and assisting with end user privacy issues

In short, I have the technological understanding, legal knowledge and practical business experience to provide comprehensive and effective telecom and IT legal services at an affordable price. Let me put these attributes to work for you.

If you want to keep in touch, the easiest way is to connect with me on LinkedIn. Also, if you want to learn more about telecom agent agreements, carrier agreements and other telecom contracts and issues please feel free to join my LinkedIn Group like over 1500 others have done. 

A Practical Guide to Agent/Carrier Contracts.

By Benjamin W. Bronston

In the 17 years since I first started representing agents, I have come to realize there is a universal truth: agents often overlook the importance of negotiating a truly favorable agent agreement. The reality is that the most important aspect of any successful agency relationship is a properly negotiated and drafted agent agreement. Agents often forget that the agent agreement - not the ability to sell - is what governs payment of commissions. Without an agent agreement, there are no commissions.

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