• Telecom and IT channel partners at every level of the food chain (VARs, agents, interconnects, masters) all have one thing in common - they only get paid if their contract says they'll get paid.
  • Unless the contract has been thoroughly reviewed by a Telecom/IT Lawyer who is familiar with loopholes and escape clauses, the contract may not say what the channel partner thinks it says.
  • Channel partners need an experienced Telecom/IT Lawyer to quickly and cost-effectively review any and all contracts that will impact the channel partner's future income stream.
  • The reason most channel partners sign contracts without first being reviewed by a Telecom/IT Lawyer is they think they can't afford it.  That was yesterday ...

Telecom Association (TA) is proud that Ben Bronston serves as TA's subject matter expert in the area of Telecom and IT contract law.  Not only has Ben seen most every contract clause there is, he can quickly explain what the clause means and whether it's worth the effort to try to get it changed. And, unlike your local attorney, you don't have to pay to educate Ben about the industry.

To find out how to help ensure your agreements are optimally worded to protect your income, send Ben an email at info@telecomlawyer.net or give him a call at 888-469-5679.

Whether you're a VAR, agent, cloud services provider or IT company, Ben's full-service Telecom and IT law practice can help you achieve your business goals.  Ben and his staff of attorneys have the technological understanding, legal knowledge and practical business experience to provide comprehensive and effective Telecom and IT legal services at an affordable price. Why settle for anyone other than the proven industry leader?

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