BCM One Updates Services to Intelligent Network Offering

In line with their constant endeavor to incorporate science into business communications, BCM One has added innovative applications to its Intelligent Network Services.

NEW YORK, NY - May 1, 2015

BCM One, a company specializing in technology solutions, has substantially expanded one of its Connect Solutions - the Intelligent Network.  This solution provides dedicated access to business applications from multiple service providers with constant monitoring and support.  Clients can choose from several suppliers to enable Hosted VoIP, SIP, conferencing, email and cloud computing all integrated into a single solution.

The Intelligent Network now features integrated collaboration and business applications, including:  phone, voicemail, conferencing, email, cloud computing and storage.  BCM One understands that every company requires a tailored solution for their unique environment.  Enabling personalization and ease of use, this service is designed around the client's specific needs and requirements, supporting all applications over a single circuit.

Lead Product Architect Greg Frank assisted heavily in the genesis of the Intelligent Network's upgrades and is excited for its future.  Frank believes that by creating a secure network environment, consolidating all services into one invoice, businesses will now be able to focus on just that - their business.

"By updating the offerings of the Intelligent Network, BCM One can improve the efficiency and reliability of critical applications," said Frank. "Innovative solutions are the key to success and we are eager to make that available to businesses and thought leaders everywhere."

About BCM One
BCM One is a unified management company whose primary goal is to provide clients with a single source for integrated technology solutions that advance their business objectives. They deliver top tier capabilities to their clients and partners, through a comprehensive suite of tools and a team of experts rivaling that of Fortune 500 companies.