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New Brand and Logo Reflect the Convergence of Telecom and IT

Ben Bronston is excited to announce the rebranding of his law firm from Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer to Ben Bronston - Telecom/IT Lawyer.  The firm's new brand and logo reflect the ongoing convergence of telecom and information technology (IT).  In commenting on the new brand and logo, Bronston stated "Most of the time, a law firm's name consists of just a bunch of last names with no meaning.  We wanted to distinguish ourselves as focused on both telecom and IT and the convergence of the two.  As a result, we needed a brand and logo that conveyed the message that our firm has an exceptional level of understanding of both telecom and IT and the legal principles necessary to help clients maximize their success in each industry as well as a combination of the two."

The main goal behind the firm's rebranding was to showcase the fact that the firm can assist clients in both telecom and IT.  According to Bronston, "The line between telecom and IT continues to blur.  We wanted to make it abundantly clear that our attorneys have the legal knowledge, technological understanding and practical business experience necessary to help any company focused on either telecom or IT as well as those that straddle both industries."

About Ben Bronston - Telecom/IT Lawyer:  The firm is a nationally recognized full-service law firm focused on serving the needs of telecom and information technology (IT) clients. The firm's lawyers possess extensive knowledge regarding the legal and regulatory issues affecting a wide variety of telecom and IT companies, including VARs, agencies, cloud service providers, hosted VoIP companies, technology solution providers, MSPs, TEM consultants, resellers, CLECs, data centers and other telecom and IT vendors.  For more information, contact us at or visit our website at


Ben Bronston - Telecom/IT Lawyer

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