In today's world of mergers, new technologies and channel transformation, there's only one way to be sure you've got the best terms in your cloud agreements.  Call Ben Bronston – Telecom/IT/Cloud Lawyer.
Why? Because no other lawyer knows the cloud space like Ben.  Just ask the provider reps he negotiates with on a daily basis. Here's what a few of them had to say:
"Over the past 16 years of working with partners, I have engaged with numerous attorneys, some good and many that just had no clue about the channel and its nuances. Ben is not one of them! His understanding of the channel from an Agent's perspective as well as the provider's viewpoint makes him a true asset. Ben and I have negotiated several agreements together over the years, and while I can say sometimes I wish he wasn't so good he has always been fair and uses common sense in negotiating an agreement that creates a true partnership between both parties."

Mark Mercado,
Vice President - Channel Sales
  "I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Bronston multiple times in contract negotiations for his Master Agent clients working through the details of our agreements. Ben is extremely professional, thorough, and expedient. In our engagements, we have been able to move through the process much faster than normal and come to a mutually beneficial agreement between all parties. Highest marks for Ben and his business."

Mark Szotkowski,
President - Sales
RapidScale, Inc
  "Having worked with Ben on contracts as a provider has been a smooth and fair experience. Being on opposites sides of the agreement can sometimes lead to strained discussions. Working with Ben was not easy, but fair. We had open discussions, and he listened to our side of all issues. We agreed to disagree on some issues, but in the end, we negotiated what were fair agreements for both parties. I look forward to working with Ben in the future."

Mark Sondergaard,
Vice President - National Channel Strategy & Development
These are just a few of the many recommendations Ben has received from provider reps who he negotiates with and against every day.  Ultimately, they are the ones you have to work with so their opinions matter most.
The answer is clear. If you want be sure your provider agreements have the best terms, call Ben Bronston - Telecom/IT/Cloud Lawyer today!

Ben Bronston – Telecom/IT/Cloud Lawyer


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