ChikPea Inc. launches portal solution that is designed to run on any platform

Salesforce is considered the most power SAAS CRM platform available on the market but the salesforce portal is sold as a separate solution with pricing based on usage factors that make it costly.  Branding, UI, UX and integration with external data source from the salesforce portal requires advanced skills in visual force, apex code, and graphics design.  Ongoing management of the salesforce portal requires skilled developers coming from an expensive pool of limited resources.

ChikPeaNOW, the portal solution from ChikPea designed to run on any platform. Install anywhere such as, on premises, in the cloud, on private clouds, or on Salesforce Heroku.  Custom brand salesforce functionality to meet your business needs.  Extend the Order, billing, and payment experience beyond the sales and support call center.  With ChikPeaNOW, you are able to get the power of salesforce in an agile portal.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly customizable
  • Platform independent
  • Integrate to non-salesforce systems using REST APIs
  • Includes a suite of CSS based templates
  • eCommerce ready
  • Capture orders
  • Account management
  • Scale to 1000's of customers without paying more
  • Fully extendable code
  • Modifiable UI through a menu driven drag and drop interface
  • Use any interface design tool
  • Plug in any chat tool, lead or prospecting forms, surveys, dispute request tools
  • Out of the box billing functions:  invoice generation, bill payment, dispute management
  • Order status updates
  • Change management
  • Take complete control to subscriber interaction.


  • Place orders NOW
  • Check usage NOW
  • Request service changes NOW
  • Download and pay Invoices NOW
  • Dispute a charge NOW

ChikPea Inc. was the first to offer a complete 100% Salesforce Native Telecom Order Management solution.  ChikPea delivered the first 100% Salesforce Native billing solution.  ChikPea leads the field with a graphical business process management tool that manages all salesforce objects, and some of the most advanced CPQ solutions available on the Salesforce Appexchange.  For more information see

Learn about ChikPeaNOW and other solutions designed to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.  100% Agile SRM.  For more information, email us NOW at to organize a demo or follow us on Twitter @chikpea_inc.


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