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One Market Street
Spear Tower, Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94105

phone:  415-261-6050
email:  sales@chikpea.com
website:  www.chikpea.com
partner website: www.chikpea.com/partners

ChikPea is the only 100% Force.com Native complete solution-in-a-box for salesforce.  

Available on Salesforce appexchange, this uniquely designed end-to-end solution was modeled for the telecom industry but provides distinguishing features applicable to all markets, such as highly complex billing capabilities, pricing models, bundling, trouble-ticketing, location
management and hierarchical summary invoicing.  

Founded in 2006, ChikPea's solution suite streamlines front to back office management.  The out-of-the-box functionality resolves the challenges arising from the transition from legacy homegrown solutions. 

ChikPea is designed to make a complex quoting, pricing, or process model change simple, optimizing your return on investment from your Salesforce decision.

ChikPea YouTube videos:  TOM, O2B, Sequencer

ChikPea White Papers:  O2B, TOM, Sequencer

* Payment Systems

* Back Office Software

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