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Mark Lammert, CPA
President & CEO

740 Florida Central Parkway, Suite 2028
Longwood, FL  32750

phone:  407-260-1011
fax:  407-260-1033
email:  sales@csilongwood.com
website:  www.csilongwood.com

Telecom Taxes, USF, Tax Rating, FCC/PUC Compliance and
Secretary of State Filings

Compliance Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is the leading provider of telecom tax, USF and regulatory filings, including:

  • FCC filings (e.g. 499-As and 499-Qs)
  • Sales taxes
  • Tax rating
  • Tax mapping
  • Federal/State regulatory compliance services
  • Secretary of State filings
  • Exemption certificates
  • Corporate income tax returns

CSI offers a turnkey, end-to-end process for both large and small clients, including tax rating, tax mapping, preparation, treasury services, preparation and submission of returns to the FCC and PUCs, access to an online tax library, and federal/state tax and regulatory audit support.  CSI handles virtually everything in the areas of tax, USF and telecom regulatory filings at the Federal, State, County, City and E911 district level.  CSI also specializes in assisting its clients with preparation of tax and regulatory assessment exemption forms from suppliers as well as tax exemption management for your carrier customers.  With 35+ full time employees including licensed CPAs and tax professionals with vast experience in the communications industry, CSI is the most experienced, honest and trustworthy resource for all of your tax and regulatory compliance needs.

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CSI Solves Regulatory Compliance, Tax Rating
& Tax Preparation Problems for Telecom, VoIP
& Wireless Providers

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