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SafeSoft Solutions, Inc.

20950 Warner Center Lane, Building A
Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Sales:  888-456-5454
Email:  sales@safesoftsolutions.com
Website:  www.safesoftsolutions.com

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Partner Programs

Do you know of anyone who can benefit from our state-of-the-art hosted predictive dialing systems? Then become a SafeSoft Solutions referral partner, and you’ll receive a bonus every time you recommend our call center solution to a new client.  There are two ways to participate:

Referral Program
We rely on our satisfied customers and partners to spread the word about the tremendous value our predictive dialers can provide and we generously reward those who do. Refer us to a new client, and you’ll receive a bonus based on the number of seats purchased. You don’t need to be an existing customer to be eligible anyone can earn money for helping us sell our powerful contact center software package. Simply have the new customer tell us who referred them, and we’ll reward you accordingly.

Reseller Program
Improve service to your own clients and expand your portfolio of offerings by re-selling our call center software to your existing customer base. We’ll provide you with your own administration panel, complete with reports, charts, graphs, marketing materials, and more, that you can use internally to manage your clients. You can even custom-brand the predictive dialer with a unique domain name, as well as your own logos and images.

For more information about our reseller program, or to become a SafeSoft Solutions referral partner, contact one of our sales representatives at 818-436-3603.


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