Official Notice #1:

Cloud Broker Association Formed,
Secure Exclusive Listings Now

Telecom Association LogoTelecom Association today announced the official launch of "Cloud Broker Association" or "CBA" and invited current TA members and vendors to secure exclusive CBA Directory listings by city or "cloud category".

Stated Dan Baldwin, CBA Executive Director, "CBA's goal is to help cloud brokers and vendors interrupt the 'race to zero' by advocating for bundled cloud solution pricing over line item pricing by helping cloud brokers develop bundled customer solutions they can directly invoice or invoice with the assistance of supporting cloud vendors."

To help business end-users find Cloud Broker company members with easy-to-understand cloud solution bundles in their city or metro, CBA will publish a CBA Member Directory with one cloud broker company exclusively listed in each city or metro through December 31, 2016.

To help cloud brokers find cloud vendors that can help them build the best cloud solution bundles for their customers, CBA will publish a cloud solution vendor section by "cloud category" in the CBA Directory.  The first listing in each cloud category will be exclusively held by the "Charter Member" of that cloud category through December 31, 2016.

To learn more about exclusive CBA Directory listings please view the Cloud Broker Association charter at

To secure an exclusive CBA Directory Listing please use the Cloud Broker Association application and invoice at