Vendor Neutral Office 365 Webinar 9/1/15
"Making $$$ Beyond the License"

You've likely attended a webinar from an Office 365 vendor extolling their own virtues without comparing themselves to their competitors.  Not overly useful, right?

Now attend THE Office 365 Webinar on 9/1/15 at 1pm Eastern delivered by two vendor neutral professionals who both earn a living helping businesses successfully navigate the Office 365 waters in search of the best complementary services and solution providers.  Here are all the details.....

Event Information
Join Greg Plum, of PlumUC, and Robert Crane, of CIAOPS, to hear a different perspective on how to enhance your business with the sale and support of Office 365.  We will take a technical deep dive and discuss how you can help your customers leverage Office 365 to enhance their productivity, while reducing capital and operating expenses, and providing you with a sustainable source of incremental, residual revenue.  Topics will include Azure, DelveYammerPowerBISharepoint, hosted voice options, and various services that help complete the Skype for Business offering!

We will be joined by special guest, Harry Brelsford, the founder of SMBNation and O365Nation, who will share his insider's view of the massive growth of Office 365 and how to capitalize upon these changes. 

Seating is limited, so register today!   BONUS:  As a special bonus, all attendees will receive a free copy of Robert Crane's eBook Social Media for IT Providers.

If you want to make money with Office 365, you must look beyond the license.  We will show you how...

Event Date and Time:  Tuesday, September 1, 2015 1:00 PM USA Eastern

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Thank you,  Greg & Robert


Can't wait until September to learn more?  Call Greg at +1.302.514.PLUM (7586).