Channel Partner Communications Enhanced with Mobile App

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RewardsVIPclub announces new program for enhanced channel partner communications. Some of the new features include:

  • Improvements to Push and News Push messaging with video, improved pictures, audio podcasts, and unlimited text to enhance communications.

  • A new stunning chat feature set with audio, video, pic, and maps to enhance messaging.

  • Rotatable timed business banners with links to websites and landing pages.

  • Easy access browser admin portal to manage banners, users, push/news messaging and other management functions.

  • Introducing custom user backgrounds themes with more coming soon.

What this means to you - is that once we conclude a final design and agreement with you, having many features already approved by Apple, would expedite the approval of your own app for global distribution on iTunes.

We are pleased and excited to have version 2.3 app approved.  This app is a proof of concept to show you we can successfully design, develop and gain approval for this kind of app.  However, our goal is to build a custom app for your business.  Shown below is our innovative chat system with audio, video, text pics, and location services.  Not shown is the calendar and other admin features that would be useful in your business communications solutions which are completed and can provide you a private demo. 

Please contact us as we look forward to helping your business succeed in building innovative rewards/loyalty and gamification apps and programs.

Contact:  Tom Cross,

Click on either image to get the app and call 303-594-1694, or email to get your own app.


RewardsVIPclub is a business communications customer engagement, service and shopping app allowing companies to use push messaging using pictures, video, text, audio recordings, website links on specials, bargains, coupons, gift ideas including a catalog on their products and solutions including a catalog. User can also share push...

Here are some pics of our innovative chat system with audio, video, text pics, and location services (not available in the iTunes version but available immediately in custom versions for your company).


NEW MAP FEATURES - Show people where you are when you are on the go - chat or push/news features

Here's a close-up of the screen