Gain WAN Flexibility for your customers with managed MultiWAN

The "Cloud" cycle has begun and telecom agents need to be prepared with solutions for their customers.

While many customers have already moved their servers and applications to the cloud, most still need client-side solutions to keep their offices and end-users in those offices connected to their newly deployed cloud applications.  MultiWAN managed services from XRoads Networks is the answer.

MultiWAN managed services (aka ZeroOutages) provide the following advantages:

  • Greater flexibility for agents to select the best Internet access vendor.

  • Easily swap WAN providers with little to ZERO changes to the customers network.

  • Bandwidth scalability by simply plugging in another broadbank link.

  • Instant redundancy to ensure access to critical cloud applications.

  • Fully managed and guaranteed bandwidth for applications like VoIP, Citrix, etc.

XRoads Networks wants to provide telecom agents with a fully managed MultiWAN Flexibility Solution for their customers.  Add-On our managed MultiWAN to any data services sale and get instant flexibility for future contracts, adding on new services, and ensure better performance TODAY for your customers cloud applications.

Your customers (and you commissions) with thank you.

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