Hybrid-WAN: Augmenting Existing MPLS Circuits


Turning simple broadband in to a commission generating monster...

What is Hybrid-WAN?  This is the ability to combine two or more Internet connections typically with a dedicated or MPLS circuit in order to increase available bandwidth and redundancy for site-to-site customers.

Do you have customers using MPLS today?

If so, you should be talking with them about hybrid-WAN solutions.  One way or the other, these customers will be moving to a hybrid-WAN solution in the future and you might as well be a part of that transition.

Hybrid-WANs are less expensive, provide more bandwidth, and are more reliable than any MPLS or dedicate circuit solution.

The most common scenario in a hybrid-WAN deployment is to offload application traffic from the MPLS circuit to an Internet-based encrypted tunnel. While Internet links do not have the same quality as MPLS, they provide more bandwidth at a lower cost.  This means that companies can offload web, SSL, and email traffic (etc) to the encrypted Internet tunnels, while leaving VoIP and other mission critical traffic over the MPLS.  This provides the best of both worlds, and allows the customer to reduce their monthly MPLS bills while getting more bandwidth between sites, and greater redundancy.

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