The Next Generation Internet Redundancy...  Active/Failover


Increase you're commissions on every contract with this easy and inexpensive add-on to all of your data service customers.

What is Active/Failover?  This service allows your customers to actually utilize a secondary or redundant Internet circuit.  Finally you can add Internet Redundancy for a customer that they can actually use during normal operations.

Did you know that you can add Internet Redundancy with Active/Failover to a customer data service contract for as little as $99/mo?  You can with ZeroOutages.

Are you selling Internet Redundancy today?  If not, you should, as Internet access has become critical, and when a customer goes down they can get really upset.

Have you sold Internet Redundancy in the past and found that customers did not want to pay for something they might not use?  Now, with Active/Failover by ZeroOutages they can actually use that secondary connection all of the time.

ZeroOutages provides the following advantages:

  • Active/Failover allows customers to fully utilize both their primary and secondary Internet links.

  • Easy deployment, no complicated network reconfiguration required.

  • Bandwidth scalability; give customers flexible bandwidth options.

  • A fully managed solution, no hardware to purchase, no support required.

  • Instant and automated Internet Redundancy, keeps business running.

We are the Internet Reliability Experts!

ZeroOutages patented Active/Failover technology is unique and enables agents to sell simple to install and highly efficient Internet Redundancy solutions to their clients, thus reducing future calls from upset customers whose network (and thus all business activity) is down due to a service provider outage.

Your customers (and your commissions) will thank you.

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