October 2016


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AireSpring Wins 2016 Internet Telephony Channel Program Excellence Award

For the second consecutive year, AireSpring has been awarded with the 2016 Internet Telephony Channel Program Excellence Award for providing outstanding value to its channel partners. The award is conferred on companies who go the extra mile when it comes to supporting the channel with tools, information, education, and remuneration. 
Recognized for offering some of the highest SPIFFs and evergreen commissions in the industry, AireSpring helps partners deliver the best solutions for their clients through its QuoteSpringTM quoting tool. QuoteSpring allows AireSpring partners to produce instant quotes and view complete sales proposals in minutes. 
"AireSpring is honored once again to be recognized for our channel program. This year we celebrate our 15-year anniversary and receiving an award of this caliber validates our efforts as an innovator in the evolving telecom industry," said Daniel Lonstein, Chief Operating Officer at AireSpring.
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AireContact Awarded Contact Center Technology Award

TMC CUSTOMER Magazine has named AireContact Cloud Contact Center winner of the 2016 Contact Center Technology Award for the second consecutive year. The award honors vendors that have embraced technology as a key tool to drive customer service excellence. 
AireContact's new Cloud Dialer embodies the spirit of this award, as it includes a unique Power Dialer that launches five call paths per agent, multiplying the live connection rate by five. For sales teams, this technological advantage translates into increased productivity and more time spent engaging prospects and customers. 
Results of the 2016 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award will be published in the October 2016 edition of CUSTOMER Magazine. 
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Promotions & Events


Monthly Promotion: Avoid the Vendor Blame Game with AireSpring Managed Connectivity

Finger pointing doesn't only happen on the campaign trail.
In telecommunications, it's easy for vendors to blame each other when customers are having problems with voice quality. But this only makes it harder for customer issues to get resolved.
With Managed Connectivity from AireSpring, customers only need to call one vendor for voice and access. Instead of pointing fingers, AireSpring works to solve customer issues. Period.
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November Partner Webinar: AireSpring Massively Expands Broadband Options

AireSpring recently underwent a massive expansion of its broadband providers, now offering services through eleven national networks with speeds up to 500 Mbps.

Rather than juggling quotes from various providers, AireSpring allows you to compare every provider in a single quote. With our proprietary QuoteSpring quoting system, you can review and compare options from all broadband, fiber and ethernet vendors, their prices, and availability at customer locations. AireSpring can help you combine various options into a best-of-breed solution for your client no matter what their requirements. AireSpring can simplify the entire process and maximize you and your customer’s return on investment.

Besides providing you with the most competitive pricing options in the industry, when you sell through AireSpring your customers will have one contract, one invoice, and only one support team to interact with no matter how many broadband providers are specified in their solution. Multi-location businesses get a complete nationwide network solution with ONE point of contact. 

Join us on Thursday Nov. 17th, as Daniel Lonstein, COO at AireSpring, discusses how both you and your customers will benefit from the various broadband services available through AireSpring and how our QuoteSpring system can assist you in making the right recommendations to your clients based on their application and needs.

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Stay to the end of the training and enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations to last month's winner, Jonathan Raider of Carrier Consulting!

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Come meet AireSpring at the TCG Channel Source event on Nov. 11th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL.






Come see us on November 15th for an all-day event in Austin, TX at the Telarus TIC Conference. Ron McNab, SVP Channel Sales at AireSpring, is a featured guest speaker!


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If you can't make it to Texas, we'll be at the Telarus TIC in Orlando, Florida on November 17th at the Cuba Libre Restaurant.
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Visit us at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA December 2-3 for the Telecom Brokers Advisory Event. 



Partner Spotlight


Welcome to the latest edition in our series of profiles where we shine the spotlight on AireSpring's amazing partners. This time we're speaking with Tom Jennings, Founder of ITquotes. 
To begin, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 


I started working in telecommunications in 1998 selling dial up, web hosting, colocation services, DSL, and T1s. I was living in Arizona at the time, but when Global Crossing offered me a job, I made the move to California. The market was vibrant and I was working in beautiful Beverly Hills, but the Dot Com bubble was about to burst. Luckily, I was prepared. When the crash finally hit in 2001, I was laid off, but I already had a business plan in mind. 


During the few years I had spent in telecommunications, the most difficult challenge I encountered was compromising a customer's needs to sell my company's product. Although different customers required varying solutions, I was limited by the product set of whichever company I worked for at the time. When you are forced to push a product, rather than a solution, you sometimes feel like you've done a disservice to your customer. You tend to ask yourself, was the product really ideal for their business needs, or could they have done better with a slightly different solution? So, despite being laid off, I was actually excited to start my business as an independent consultant. ITquotes was officially launched in 2002.


The philosophy of my business is simple. Rather than starting the sales process with a product, I start with the customer. Once I discover what my customers need, I look to the dozens of providers that I partner with to find the best possible solution. Not only do my customers get solutions that work for them, but I am able to rest easy knowing that I did everything I could to serve them. 


Having such a robust set of products to offer, I am also able to be the salesperson I want to be. Instead of pushing and pressing customers to close deals, I can speak honestly with them about their issues and work with them to find the right solution. 


How long have you been working with AireSpring?


I actually started working with your National Director of Channel Sales, Lanny Eule, before he was working with AireSpring. When he joined AireSpring in 2002, I came along with him. So that makes 14 years of partnership! 


What do you like about working with AireSpring? 
The best business partnerships are based on relationships. Lanny and I, for example, have worked together for 15 years! You can imagine how much easier it becomes to deliver services when you have such long-standing partnerships. 
At the same time, relationships can also hurt your competitiveness if you place the needs of your business partners above the needs of your customers. My business model demands that I put a customer’s needs above a product or provider. Thus, it can be problematic when partners with whom I’ve worked for years stop evolving and providing new solutions. AireSpring does not fall into that category. 


AireSpring’s product set has continued to evolve and grow over the years, keeping up with the latest technology and services that are in demand. Some companies grow stale, get acquired, or lose their edge. But AireSpring has not only remained technologically relevant, but also grown in terms of its ability to serve customers post-sale.


Despite your growth and broad product set, AireSpring is still one of the easiest carriers to work with. You are able to get things done quickly and process special requests without delay. Your pricing is incredibly aggressive and it’s easy to get prices quickly with your quoting system, QuoteSpring, which I use regularly. 


What would you say is the secret to success in this industry?


Stay flexible and keep moving with the industry. If you are going to sell in the world of telecom, you’ve got to recognize that the products and technology change rapidly. The moment you’ve learned how to sell one technology or product, it gets replaced by something else. As a result, sales agents in this space should always be proactive in learning new things. Personally, I have some research to do myself about some of the newer technologies out there that I have yet to start on.

In some instances, you can focus in a narrow sector. But your sales model cannot be based on technology. There are opportunities to specialize in industries such as healthcare where HIPPA compliance requires serious expertise, but relying on a technology or product as your business model will only lead to ruin in such a rapidly changing industry. 


What is the next big thing? 


Traditional agents need to take cloud services seriously. There are going to be more and more cloud providers that deliver bandwidth and access as well, making them a real threat to the industry. The old notion of a telecommunications provider is becoming extinct with the power of data applications and the cloud. 
Related to this is the prevalence of 5G wireless, which could disrupt fiber-based companies. Given the cost of laying down wired infrastructure, wireless alternatives have potential to make an impact on the telecommunications market. If 5G wireless can compete with fiber speeds, then agents will have a short period of time to catch on to the market wave before larger providers begin to dominate.


Despite these developments, I don’t see anything out there that is going to completely turn the industry on its head. I have divided my own business among a set of providers so that market disruptions won’t uproot my cash flow. While a few companies may be hit hard by industry intruders, those who stay flexible are probably going to be okay.


What are your hobbies?


My wife and I just got back from a two week fishing trip up North. We rented an RV and went salmon fishing. I got lucky and caught four big salmon the last night I was out there. We love the outdoors. I go camping as often as I can, whether it’s the summer or the winter---I’m also an avid skier! 


My wife and I have two little pugs who also like the wilderness. They were kind enough to accompany us up north for our vacation, which was great fun. They enjoyed it, but I am sure they were happy to return to the warmth and predictability of our home in Southern California. I can probably say the same for myself.
Thanks for speaking with us, Tom!

Meet the AireSpring Team

At AireSpring, we know that it is our dedication to customer service that sets us apart and customer service begins with great employees. Here is your chance to get to know the AireSpring team that oversees your orders and delivers great service every day. This time, we are speaking with Lanny Eule, National Director of Channel Sales. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself, and your history in telecom.


I was born and raised in South Africa, where in my youth it was compulsory for young men to serve in the military. I did my time, but as soon as I was finished, I began looking for ways to travel to the United States. In 1969, only 3 days after my wife and I were married, we left for New York City. My wife, Val, took a job at the United Nations while I attended a two-year management course for Macy's rival Gimbel Brothers, which at the time had 36 stores throughout the United States. We had a marvelous time during those two years. One of the facilities at the UN gave away theater tickets to its staff for 25 cents, resulting in our attending the theater nearly every night of the week. After my course was complete, we took a Greyhound bus tour—99 days for 99 dollars—across the country, on which I got to see nearly all the major cities of the US, including Los Angeles. 

After living the dream for two years, our visa expired, and we returned to Johannesburg, which is when I met Tony Lonstein. I was the General Merchandise Manager for Greatermans (the Macy's of South Africa) and Tony was a clothing manufacturer. I don’t have that many friends who I’ve known for that long, and certainly none with whom I have worked as business associates. As our business relationship turned into a friendship, Val and I began visiting the Lonstein home. Just starting a family myself, I remember being delighted by his three boys, Avi, Daniel, and David.


In 1981, we were able to fulfill our dream of living in the United States and immigrated to California where I quickly got lost in American corporate life. Voiceless and unacknowledged in a sea of employees, I became disillusioned with the corporate world just as quickly as I was absorbed into it. Luckily for me, Tony Lonstein had also decided to move to Los Angeles and our paths were to align once more. 



In the early 1990’s I was lecturing on cold calling at a business college when Tony happened to call one day. Upon learning what I was doing, he said to me, "Lanny, that's exactly what I need here at my new business." He asked me to come work with him reselling AT&T long distance at ADDTel Communications. 

Over the years, I assisted the Lonsteins as they grew ADDTel into a successful company, ultimately selling it in 1997. By then, I saw the appeal of the agent program in telecommunications and I had enjoyed the excitement of working for a small, family company. 
I took a job at Telco Telecommunications and then at Telepacific, while all throughout I built a solid portfolio of agent relationships. Then, in 2001, I got a call from Avi Lonstein who asked me if I would help the Lonsteins with their new company, AireSpring. 
For the past 15 years, I have watched the Lonstein's grow AireSpring from a small operation to a multi-million dollar international business. It is remarkable to me the foresight which was required to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. 
Indeed, AireSpring had its failures before its successes. When we first started, AireSpring’s primary product was the Blackberry 2-way pager that enabled email on-the-go. Unfortunately, we were too early for the market. Customers balked at the idea of emailing when out of the office. Of course, I am certain that those same customers are probably typing away emails on their iPhones today. Despite the failure of the Blackberry pager, Avi and Daniel pushed forward reselling long distance as they had at ADDTel. As the years passed, our products and services expanded, but the Lonstein brothers maintained the same philosophy throughout – to remain flexible and competitive.
AireSpring differentiated itself because we were able to provide special pricing faster and with more flexibility than our larger competitors like AT&T and Verizon. We were very aggressive about remaining competitive and created a culture where being nimble and responsive took precedence over process.
Today, I am National Director of Channel Sales. Many of AireSpring's largest accounts started as small bids I negotiated back in the early 2000s, and we still have those relationships today. I am proud to have been part of AireSpring's growth and development as a truly wonderful business. 
What do you enjoy about working at AireSpring?
At this point, 15 years down the line, there are so many things I enjoy about working here. But above all, it is the fact that I feel as though I am part of a family here at AireSpring. I’ve known the Lonsteins for over four decades now and I’ve worked with them side by side building and growing AireSpring. It is both an honor and a treat to have invested so much time into both a family, as well as a profession. Even today, with AireSpring employees spread across the world and hundreds of staff passing through the headquarters, I still feel like we’re a single unit. Despite our growth and success, never once have I felt the stale chill of corporate life seep into the halls here at AireSpring. 
What is the most fun you have ever had here at AireSpring?
I can’t name a single moment, but there have many been highlights throughout my time here. For one, I fondly remember the time when Daniel Lonstein and I were in competition for a very large deal. We both had agents bidding for the client, one of our largest accounts yet, and it was a tense race to see whose man would come out on top. Of course, I wouldn’t relay this story had it not turned out in my favor. In the end, my man won the account and I’m happy to gloat about it, because it was ultimately a win for AireSpring as a whole. 
We have also had a fun time with our marketing. We were, in fact, one of the first in the agent community to aggressively and consistently advertise with creative content. Time and time again, people at tradeshows would approach me because they recognized me from one of our unique, albeit silly, advertising campaigns. 
What do you like to do outside of the office, in your free time?
I've been married to my lovely wife, Val, for 47 years. Our daughter, Caron, recently moved to LA with her husband, David and our adorable granddaughters, Lena and Eve.  We have the joy of spending a LOT of quality time with them. Caron runs her own contemporary dance company and Val and I are enthusiastically involved with the arts. We frequently attend dance performances, the theater and the cinema. I am also very active in several sporting activities, from playing tennis to 'catching the best wave' on my boogie board. I also enjoy the stimulation and connection through involvement in my Temple activities.


The one independent business venture and invention that I developed was a device to prevent bathtubs from overflowing. While it was fairly successful in South Africa, it failed to catch on in the US, where bathtubs and overflows are built with varying dimensions. If you ever have a problem with overflowing, I may be able to help.  I did bring with me the original 50 pound mold, which lies dormant in my garage, waiting for the rallying cry- 'bath overflowed'! 
What a story, Lanny. Thanks so much. 




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