Video Conference

How can you ensure secure video conferencing?

To secure your video conference, you must follow these procedures: Always create a meeting ID and meeting password, If you’re not using the meeting, lock the meeting, never share video conferencing links unnecessarily, set up your waiting room, only allow screen sharing when needed alone. Use host control to your advantage. Video conferencing apps usually offer “host controls,” which allow the host to moderate a meeting, for example by managing or removing participants or locking the meeting room altogether.. The latter is a good idea to avoid disruptions once the meeting has started..

Another prudent step that hosts can take is to turn off automatic screen sharing for participants to prevent potential disruptors from sharing offensive material.. While online meetings limit the risk of spreading COVID-19, they can expose you to cyber threats. What types of threats should you be concerned about? Malicious hackers are trying to exploit video conferencing vulnerabilities in hopes of spreading malware and gaining access to private meetings.. Recently, the FBI noticed a threat called “zoom bombing” and warned the public about it. In doing so, hackers gain access to meetings and disrupt them with inappropriate imagery and language..

Passwords help you block any intruder or malicious actor trying to gain access to your meetings.. To restrict access to your meetings, you should create a unique meeting ID and password for each meeting.. When it comes to password protection, you should always create complex passwords using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Don’t use weak passwords such as “12345. Up to 25 participants in the free trial plan. Like Dialpad, it integrates with Google Calendar and also has a call recording option.

The free option includes 1GB of storage space (whereas Dialpad offers unlimited call recordings). 128-bit encryption is logically unbreakable and is a security measure that allows video conferencing systems to use a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt all video calls between systems.. With encryption, single sign-on access, and more, Dialpad ensures that your video conferences are equipped with best-in-class security. In this post, we’ll look at what to look for when considering a video conferencing solution (aside from the high-quality video and fancy meeting recording features) and other security considerations when it comes to online meetings.

A service like Rev Live Captions for Zoom records everything that is said during a Zoom video call and securely converts it into subtitles in real time.. Note, however, that FreeConferenceCall is not HIPAA compliant and there are no options to share call recordings or transcriptions with other participants.. Dialpad is a complete communication platform that includes not only video calls but also messaging, phone calls, and conference calls.. When your employees log into your network or join video conferences from public places, it’s far safer for them to use their own encrypted cellular data or combine it with a VPN (Virtual Pinnacle Network)..

Even though the company may not be able to control the first factor, setting a password should be mandatory for all video conferences.. In addition to defining user permissions to conduct video conferences internally, the rules should also take into account team members who will connect remotely.. There are a few things to consider when it comes to minimizing your video conferencing security risks.. Sometimes the best security feature isn’t in your video conferencing solution, but in your employees’ habits and safety training.

Sure, there isn’t a “perfect” video conferencing tool for every single company, but considering the needs of your industry is a good starting point when looking for software.. If you work in a company or organization that is entrusted with particularly sensitive information, e.g.. B. In hospitals and financial institutions, you should be particularly specific about who people can connect with small business video conferencing software (e.g.. B. pre-approved providers and customers).. It’s important to be aware of the security vulnerabilities that can occur with video conferencing and what’s the safest way to hold your online meetings..