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How do i troubleshoot my phone system if it has problems?

Restart your phone and the issue should be resolved. And thirdly, if you have Android 10 or higher, look for the Dark Theme option in the same section of your system settings. Darker colors typically consume less power than the lighter shades that come standard in most user interfaces. So switching to the Dark Theme either constantly or just on a sunset to sunrise schedule should significantly extend your phone’s battery. And if you’ve enabled two-step verification for your accounts, you’ll need a backup method to verify your identity. It doesn’t affect your recently deleted phone.

If the problem happened suddenly and not because you’ve changed any settings on your phone, it’s likely that your phone isn’t responsible for it. Your Android settings, phone screen, Google apps, and all apps on your phone are retained. There, you can configure your phone to automatically remove redundant copies of photos and videos that have already been backed up when you run out of storage space again. On some phones, a new developer options section appears right in this main menu. On others, such as Google’s Pixel devices, you’ll need to go to the System section and then tap Advanced to find it.

This process will return your phone to its original factory state. If it’s still faulty after that, it’s probably faulty or failed hardware. Go back to your home screen and try moving around your phone, opening the app drawer, swiping down the notification panel, turning apps on and off, and so on. For example, if you see the “System UI Not Responding” error on your screen, you might be able to fix it by restarting your Android smartphone. We could talk about Android battery life all day, but the fastest way to instantly improve your phone’s lifespan is to adjust your screen settings.

Finally, if you’re using one of Google’s Pixel phones, look in the Storage section of your system settings and tap on the line called Smart Storage. Resetting a phone isn’t too difficult. Just make sure that you back up all important information first, as resetting will erase all data. A guide to fixing some of the most common and frustrating error messages on your Android device. If the phone is frozen and you can’t turn it off normally, try using a special hardware reset combination.

However, if you physically damage your phone or drop it in water, you can have bigger problems with your hands. You can also reset all your network settings, which will erase all WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile data connection information on your phone.