Video Conference

How do you manage a video conference?

How to conduct effective video conferences Be prepared for your video conference. Of course, your video conferencing software isn’t all you need. Every meeting is more effective with a well-thought-out plan. In fact, 80% of executives say that video conferencing is audio conferencing as the preferred form of internal team communication, and 84% believe it surpasses audio conferencing when it comes to communication with external stakeholders.

Combined with the fact that remote working has become an increasingly dominant employment trend, this means that understanding video conferencing protocols is more important than ever. Thankfully, there are newer and smarter hardware options than ever before that make video conferencing run more smoothly.. Our in-house Meeting Owl Pro consists of a 360º camera, microphone, and speaker that uses intelligent technology to visually highlight the active speaker while showing a panorama of the room.. This creates an organic conversation atmosphere that appeals to remote participants far more than a simple webcam setup..

Stop checking email or working on your PowerPoint presentation during video conferences. Research not only suggests that only 3% of people can effectively multitask, but you also look rude to your participants. To make your video presentations memorable, make sure you talk to your audience and don’t talk in front of them.. In any case, avoid reading PowerPoint slides monotonously.

Ask questions to keep attendees engaged and address them by name whenever possible. Use built-in features, such as chat rooms and whiteboards, to engage and retain all stakeholders across multiple media. To avoid speech head syndrome, make some effort with your visual language — show pictures, graphics, and videos on the topic in question and don’t be afraid to share the limelight with other members of your team or relevant speakers.. We recently published the “State of Collaboration” report, which contains lots of interesting details about the future of working from home..

Did you know, for example, that 57% of Generation Z, half of Millennials, and even 46% of Generation X work remotely at least once a week? But what makes Zoom really essential for some teams is its features that go beyond traditional video conferencing tools.. For example, Zoom can be used to host live webinars with up to 100 participants and 10,000 viewers. Next, you’ll need to schedule your video conference. Why did you schedule the meeting anyway? Which topics do you need to cover and which employees need to participate?.

Ideally, this knowledge check should not take place 90 seconds before the start of the conference, as even the best systems and the most experienced professionals can malfunction.. With AI, companies could better understand how employees and customers use their video conferencing platforms, whether the experience is effective, and then adjust their strategy accordingly.. Participants log on to specific video conferencing software and can then collaborate with each other in real time, even if those participants are in different areas.. You want your remote video conference participants to feel like they can participate and really be part of the meeting..

If you’re not completely familiar with the additional expectations placed on you when you join a business video conference, that’s okay.. If you’re in a location other than a telepresence location, think carefully about your surroundings and your on-camera appearance — that goes for both presenters and attendees, say video veterans. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s and with the general availability of broadband that companies introduced video conferencing systems on a large scale.. These noises can easily distract and possibly even annoy other video conference participants..

Far from worrying about whether users will accept video conferencing, the technology is now so pervasive that companies need to worry about issues such as video conferencing fatigue, also known colloquially as zoom fatigue.. Also check out our list of the best video conferencing platforms so you can make the right choice for your next video conference. This is primarily due to the fact that companies of all sizes use video conferencing more frequently and for more diverse purposes.. In the two years since Sonus Networks introduced Microsoft Lync, a computer-based platform for sharing desktop applications and video communications, Bill Scudder, vice president and CIO of the company, and his colleagues have had plenty of opportunities to use it..

Telehealth is now a popular application for video conferencing platforms, but privacy regulations dictate how the platforms can be used, including the features that can be activated and who can use them.. Editor Sandra Gittlen and David Maldow, founder of Let’s Do Video, discuss in depth the impact of the pandemic on video conferencing and how companies can best help users return to a hybrid work environment. What remains constant, however, is the critical need for video conferencing platforms to be available and reliable as an indispensable communication and collaboration tool and as an integral part of business processes.. Whether you’re a keynote speaker or a remote participant, your behavior and behavior on a video conference doesn’t just affect your reputation..