Video Conference

What is the best way to ensure good audio quality during a video conference?

Your laptop’s built-in microphone may work, but it may not always pick up your voice clearly. And computer microphones can pick up room sounds or vibrations from your desk. Your audio quality is significantly improved when you use wired headphones with a built-in microphone. It’s even better to try out a wired headset with active and passive noise cancellation.

While you can use Bluetooth, there are a few drawbacks. There is an inherent delay with a Bluetooth audio connection compared to a wired connection, and you need to worry about keeping your devices charged. Learn more about equipment recommendations for remote work. The first and most important component of an effective video meeting is audio quality.

Good picture quality isn’t as important if people can’t hear you properly. Video conferencing is about communication, after all, so audio should always be your top priority. You can usually get the best light for your videos by placing your desk either directly in front of a window or slightly away from the window. The ideal picture and audio quality depends on many variables. Use these video conferencing tips to quickly improve your setup and appear more professional.

Most video conferencing software has excellent audio background processing, which eliminates any sound that isn’t from your voice. However, this is not fail-safe. While they’re handy, they don’t meet the requirements for excellent audio quality for your video conferences. This device is equipped with the intelligent microphone array technology and focused sound recording that we’ve discussed. It also features HD video and allows you to be creative in real time along with digital whiteboarding. Last but not least, your camera position and image section play a major role in the perception of the quality of video conferences.

So how do we start overcoming audio anxiety, and what exactly results in better audio quality in video conferences? Not only does this show your face in the best light and angle, but it also makes other people on your video call feel more natural so they can see your background instead of your ceiling. It’s a complete solution because not only do you have headphones, but the microphone on the cable is placed close to your mouth, giving others great sound quality during your video conference. Audio quality for VoIP video conferencing depends more on a person’s Internet speed than, for example, proximity to a cell tower for a traditional phone call.

Now that you’ve taken care of the audio quality of your video conference call, the next step is to focus on video quality and improve your setup.